Hello and let me wish you welcome on my site! My name is Zoltan and I'm a Europe -road tripper. I was born in Budapest, Hungary in the beginning of the 1980's and raised in Finland since 1990. Road tripping is one of my greatest passions, but how did it come into my life? For the first two and a half decades of my life I didn't care much about road tripping.

I was 28 when I went for my first real road trip with my wife, who at that time was my girlfriend. We enjoyed that trip (the views, the adventure, the freedom provided by our own car) so much that we started to make other trips as well. Since that we have made the following road trips:

-Finland-Sweden-Denmark-Germany-France-Spain-Portugal (moved there for one year)
-Portugal-Spain-Portugal (several trips)
-Portugal-Spain-France-Belgium-Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Finland (moved back)
-Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Poland-Czech Republic-Germany-France-Spain-Portugal-Spain-Portugal-Spain-Portugal-France-Luxemburg-Germany-Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia-Finland

On the top of the cathedral of Viana de Castelo, Portugal.

During our several trips, I realized that there are so many different things (details, sometimes even major things) that may have an effect on a road trip and those things always vary in different countries in Europe. Most of them are impossible to know in advance. And those - sometimes greater, sometimes just some tiny, little - details you do not know about might be important things and they may ruin partly or maybe the whole road trip of yours. So what do you do? You go on the net and you look for information. Many times I spent hours & hours, sometimes even days on the internet looking for infos about routes, countries, roads, condition of roads, local driving styles, ferries etc. and when you plan to visit several countries, may take a long time. Now that I have been driving about in 20 different countries on several routes, for several times, in several seasons, I decided to make this page where you can download virtual products for a very small price, which contains instructions & advices how to drive and what you should consider or pay attention to when driving in differrnt countries of Europe.

In the country specific files I tried not to focus on some general things or informations - for example, what are the speed limits in a certain country, because those you can find also yourself on the net in less than a minute, not talking about the big info signs on the border when you're entering the country - but to things which are not written anywhere or at least chasing them down takes hours if not days. Things that mostly you will realize, you'll get to know or understand only when you are already there or left the country. If you don't wanna get negative surprises on the road or you wanna see behind all the general stuff, I recommend you to download the files about the countries you intend to road trip in and see how it's going to feel to drive in there.

Although there are links with facts, there are also my own experiences as well and knowledge which I collected from local people who showed light to me on many cultural and rule related things of their own. On this page I have collected everything I know, I have seen and I have experienced during my approximately 270 000 kilometres all around in Europe.

Please note, that this page is not ready yet. I'm loading up the countries as fast as I can. If you cannot find something, please do come back a bit later! I will write ferry, accommodation and restaurant recommendations as well, and I'll also give you some tips for how to get used to drive on the other side of the road. And ofcourse I am going to update my blog with the stories of the trips I mentioned above. But one thing at a time. :)

I really do hope that you're going to find here what you are looking for and you will return to my page always when needed.