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This PDF about Germany contains the following information:

How does the country look like. What kind of a landscapes and geographical features it has. There's a little bit about nature and some "worth to see" suggestions.

Roads and tolls:
Information about road tolls, highways and about roads in general. For example road conditions or some extraordinary traffic rules.

The general safety of the country and is it safe to park a car in some certain places. If yes/no then where, with some recommendations how to handle it.

Local driving style:
How I see the locals are driving there. All countries have rules and in the same time all nations have their own way to drive. You will get answers for questions for example how far is the local driving style from the particular traffic rules and what kind of a situations and behavior in traffic you should expect.

As an extra, it also includes infos about:

Driving in winter time:
What the winter's like on an arctic road or on a Southern, Mediterranean road? What about in Eastern Europe? What kind of a winter weather conditions you may expect or what kinda tires you got to have or may not have if it turns out that you have to drive in winter in that particular country.

Gas stations:
One would think that what's the big deal with this, all gas stations are the same. Well, not exactly. Many things may actually be quite differently in other countries. Just some examples: To pay or not to pay for the air or for the water for your car. Or is the toilet free of charge? What kind of service you may expect? Is the fuel expensive or what if E98 petrol is not available in that certain country. Is it worth to stop for a lunch or are there only tiny shops on every gas stations without possibilities of having a decent warm meal at all. Don't make a dozen useless stops just for finding out these things. Where you can speak English and being easily understood and where it is not even worth to try it?