Good Morning UK! - First Time Driving on the Left

· 2444 words · about 12 minutes

I'm sorry, that I haven't been on the tube for a while. I don't wanna give excuses, I tell you honestly, my thoughts just have been much elsewhere lately. But now I'm back and we'll continue our memorable trip to Scotland. :) On the next morn… read more

Scotland, Here We Come!

· 2667 words · about 13 minutes

Me & my girlfriend, Gabriella, we were sitting in an Irish bar in Cascais, close to Lisbon, Portugal in the summer of 2011. We were having our last night in Portugal. Our two weeks long beautiful trip was coming to an end. As we listened the … read more

The First Road Trip (to Norway) - Part 5

· 3192 words · about 16 minutes

So here is the final part of our very first road trip, which we made from Finland through Sweden to Norway and back. Next morning after breakfast I called the shipping company and I tried to change our ferry tickets. Our return trip should ha… read more

The First Road Trip (to Norway) - Part 4

· 2614 words · about 13 minutes

Hi everybody! Hope you all had a nice week. So let's continue our beautiful, first road trip in Norway, in Bud camping site, next to the Atlantic Ocean. The next day after breakfast we drove to Molde. It was a nice little town, less than an h… read more

The First Road Trip (to Norway) - Part 3

· 2839 words · about 14 minutes

So here we are again, continuing our trip to Norway with Miss Limping-one. :) The next day I woke up that my girlfriend was limping on one leg to the coffee maker to make herself a cup of coffee. I asked about her leg. She said that it's stil… read more

The First Road Trip (to Norway) - Part 2

· 2442 words · about 12 minutes

Hi guys! Happy new year to everybody! :) Hope you had a great time during the holidays. We spent our New Year on the road again. From Finland we drove to Lithuania - for a bit less than a week - and spent the New Year's Eve in Vilnius with fr… read more

The First Road Trip (to Norway) - Part 1

· 2163 words · about 11 minutes

After spending a nice & good Christmas at home, I finally found some time again to continue my blog with the first road trip story of me & my wife (who at that time was my girlfriend). Because I'm adding my road trip and driving reviews into … read more

How did I start road tripping?

· 819 words · about 4 minutes

Hello and welcome to my European road tripping blog!For the last six years me and my wife we have been road tripping across Europe many times, experiencing many incredible things and interesting, adventures situations. We always told all the… read more